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Bipolar Bear

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Розробник: Katalyst Corp
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The Bipolar Bear is a lighthearted application designed to raise awareness that mental health challenges exist.

The app is a randomized series of non sequitur one liners spoken by the app’s only character: the Bipolar Bear.

Comments made by the Bipolar Bear are sometimes upbeat and cheerful but sometimes frustrated and paranoid. At no time does the bear say anything vulgar. All the lines are meant to be funny, and most of them come pretty close.

We hope the app can be meaningful and will have a positive impact on the world population. Our goal is to harness the multiplier of comedic viral marketing.

Visit our site at to see what organizations were currently partnering with.

Bipolar disorder impacts the lives of millions of people, and we are truly sympathetic to the needs and struggles of the individuals and families impacted by this condition.

This application should be met with an understanding of our positive intentions and be seen in the light it is intended. In no way do we wish to mock or belittle the challenges created by any mental health disorder, but instead to recognize it and help experts to develop better tools for overcoming these challenges. We meet these challenges with a sense of levity and a desire to help create change.

Meet the Bipolar Bear.